David Hiscock is one of the most rounded British photographic artists working today. With a consistently unified approach to his work, encompassing a personal fine art practice, along side a leading position as a star of advertising photography.

David brings his own signature approach to all aspects of his broad range of subjects from the intimacy of studio still life and fashion+beauty work and extensive experience in both commercial and domestic interiors and lifestyle.

His output has been phenomenal. Again and again, David Hiscock led the way in finding new styles with his astonishing inventive spiralling around a photographic core. Time-lapse works, abstractions, multiple portraits, distortions… always ahead, always able to make fully convincing art-works where others could often only find interesting ideas, he has been responsible for a string of outstanding exhibition pieces of many kinds. To name merely a few, his bravura meditation on the Rosetta Stone, the first of a new line of contemporary commissions by the British Museum, made big waves in its time. His seminal work for the Barcelona Olympics was no less remarkable for it’s primary reflection on losers rather than winners, as well as its bold treatments of athletes and competition in general.

There has always been a basis of top-level craft skill in what he has done. What makes him different is the marriage of that to intellectual and emotional ranges of the very highest order. Whether it be making a football player into a God for Nike or constructing a vast temporary structure out at sea for Beck’s beer, the imagination and execution have always been faultless. His roster of clients is one of those amazing cross-sections of international commerce. There are more famous artists in the UK, but none has a higher standard over such a wide range, and none is more admired and emulated by their peers.

Edited from the original biography by Francis Hodgson [Head of Photography, Sotheby’s] London, March 2008
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